Pilgrim’s Pride Customer Gallery

“Pilgrim’s Pride” built by Roger Matte of Brockton, Mass. Just a few words to tell you about my pp16. I think of the boat is great. It handles very well in both calm and choppy waters. On Columbus weekend we took it fishing in Boston Harbor, caught a bunch of bass and blue fish and had a great time. Coming back to the ramp we hit some 3 to 4′ waves and I was amazed at how well the boat handled them. Very impressive, so much so that my friend wants me to build him one, which I plan to start next week.


Pilgrim’s Pride 16 “Down East Rose” built by Phi Aldo and his family of Marshfield, Mass.
“We launched our boat mid-August. It was excitement beyond description. Just unbelievable. Thank you so much for sharing your skill, knowledge and support during the building process. I truly believe that we were successful in large part because we knew you were always helpful and available. We have been all over the Cape area since the launch and this is no exaggeration — people have pulled us over on the road, at the boats ramps, on the water, and we even had Bud leave the store register at Sandwich Ship Supply to look her over when we stopped for bait or tackle ! The funniest thing is when they didn’t realize it was home made and ask the “Brand” of boat.”

Pilgrim’s Pride 16 Built by Bob Drummond of Springfield, Virginia. Bob and his son (pictured behind the wheel) have been enjoying their PP16 on numerous fishing trips in Virginia for the past couple of years.

Pilgrim’s Pride 16 Built by Michael Hitt of Cincinnati, Ohio. “I would like to thank you on a great design. This has been the type of boat we have been wanting to build for a long time. And the building process was really rewarding. I have been using it on the Ohio River and Lake Cumberland in Kentucky every weekend since the launch. I am so glad we came across your design. Everyone comments on the lines. Performance is great! Thanks again!” Michael Hitt

“Mildred” a Pilgrim’s Pride 16 built by Jack Gilmore and David Flanary of Charlotte, North Carolina. “…launch was all I could have asked for. Got many onlookers at the bait shop and the Park Rangers were impressed with the lines that PP 16 showed. She did all that was advertised! 25 HP is all she needs, good speed, good stability and good looks. I’ve more than enjoyed building her and can’t thank you enough for prompt answers to all questions and just for being there when I needed some reassurance.” “I’ve enjoyed learning about epoxy — sanded my butt off and spent a lot of time admiring my handy work The thing about boat building is you get many on-lookers in neighbors and friends.” Jack Gilmore

“Whimsy” a Pilgrim’s Pride 16 built by Frank Cawley and Brian Brown of Grasonville, MD. “We took just under two months to complete her and made only a few modifications to your plan.” “The performance has been really good. We can top out at 17.5 knots, and can cruise around 12-14, weather permitting of course. Our local area is the Chester River on the Chesapeake. She’s already had us fishing 10 miles out in the bay, so we’re confident that she’s a great boat.” “Paul, this was a fun project! Your plans were easy to use, and the book was an excellent source of reference.” Frank Cawley

Bill Greene’s Pilgrim’s Pride 16 “Hoag Heaven” in Florida.  “Just thought you may be interested in my progress…..it took about 42 hours to build the boat…need only to finish sanding and then paint before launching. Looks great so far… plans were easy and excellent to follow.”  Bill Greene

“Elwood”, a Pilgrim’s Pride 16, built by Jim Winning of Ipswich, Massachusetts. “Quick note to let you know we had a successful launching. We put the boat in on Friday and managed to give her a few runs over the holiday weekend. The boat is very stable. Weight shifts have minimal effect on the boat’s attitude. For a flat-bottomed boat it has a surprisingly soft ride. It handles very well at speed. We get lots of comments and inquiries on the boat. Thanks again for your support and assistance; you were an enormous help.” Jim Winnning,

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