Humble Peasant 22 Customer Gallery

“Paul, I have to tell you – this is one nice boat – she takes a lot of sea – handles heavy wakes very well – handles well in heavy currents (I launch right into the Piscataqua River – the heaviest currents around) – is an extremely stable plat-form for any kind of marine activity, people can walk around and she doesn’t even move – She doesn’t seem to notice the difference in 1 person or 6 people. Every time I launch her, a crowd gathers and asks all kinds of questions. I’ve had several boats come up along side to check her out and tell me what a nice boat she was. I am extremely pleased with her in every aspect. I really want to thank you for such a great design and for all your help while I was building her.” – Tim Roy

Tim Roy did an outstanding job constructing his Humble Peasant 22. One would never guess that this was his first boat-building project, or that the boat was built so quickly. Tim’s Humble Peasant is absolutely beautiful, and performs as well as it looks. Tim recently recorded a maximum speed of 20 knots with his GPS unit using a 40hp outboard motor. This is plenty of speed for this boat, and it cruises quite comfortably by backing off the throttle just a little bit. I’m very pleased with the boat; it’s performance, and the way it handles in rough seas. I’m also proud of the great job that Tim & Beth Roy did building the very first Humble Peasant 22, and very grateful for all the trouble, time, and expense the Roy’s incurred to transport the boat to the Rockland, Maine area in order to provide me with a ride during the WoodenBoat Show. – Paul J. Bennett

Robert Payne of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, a commercial work boat designer, developed these two modified versions of the Humble Peasant, one of which he plans to build for his personal use.

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