Bootstrap Dinghy Customer Gallery

BootstrapDingy built by Dan Schmock of Belmont, Michigan.
“Thought I’d send a few pictures of the bootstrap dinghy I built this past winter. What a fun project it was — helped get through the long winter we had this year.”

“Interim,” a Bootstrap Dinghy built by Jim Parmentier I am now proudly sending you two photos of INTERIM, which I have now completed. As you can see, she is has been modified for sailing. I put in a centerboard trunk, and use an old sailfish daggerboard from my childhood days. Likewise, the mast from a sailing pram called a Seashell that (believe this!) my Mom had as a child . . . it was the first boat I sailed in in East Falmouth. The boat has long since rotted away, but the mast was in our garage for over 50 years. The rudder and tiller assembly are from a Dyer Dinghy, circa 1958 or 1960. I cut the sail down from an old LADYSLIPPER spritsail rig . Paul, I had a lot of fun with this project, and I learned a great deal. There are some smudges and screw-ups, but as a “50-footer” I think it looks pretty good.

Bootstrap Dinghy built by Richard Bevilacqua at the Shoestring Shipyard Boatbuilding School in February 2000.

This Bootstrap Dinghy was built by the members and guests of the Beachmoor Inn in Buzzard’s Bay, MA. In four hours time, with much team work, they built a Bootstrap Dinghy from a slightly enhanced kit and had it in the water taking turns at the oars.

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