Shoestring Shipyard Frequently Asked Questions

Shoestring Shipyard – Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions (in no particular order):
1) What is the top speed of the boat design I’m considering?
2) What is the weight of the hull?
3) How much will the boat hold?
4) Can I use building materials other than specified and what will it cost?
5) How long will it take me to build the boat?
6) What is the freeboard of the boat?
7) How will the boat handle in various sea conditions – will it pound?
8) What are the performance specifications?
9) Can I use an outboard larger than specified?
10) Can this boat capsize?

I receive inquiries every week that usually include most if not all the above questions; regardless of the design the person is interested in building. My answer is in essay form because my response involves most of the above topics. That is to say that to explain one is to explain all as they are all integral to each other for the most part (one explanation covers all so to speak). Continue reading

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