About Us

Having worked for years designing, building, and repairing large ocean-going ships such as super tankers and freighters in shipyards all over the world, our little boat shop would most definitely appear to be on a “shoestring” in comparison.

As a licensed marine engineer, naval architect, and graduate of The Massachusetts Maritime Academy I have achieved a myriad of experiences throughout the merchant marine industry. Shoestring Shipyard was started as a business to provide the home boat builder with plans, kits and designs that are easy to build yet have classic lines and are very seaworthy. Most of our designs can be built with the average collection of tools one usually owns for home maintenance. A professional shipyard is certainly not necessary.

Many of our plans are designed with the first time boat builder in mind. Boatbuilding can become infectious — especially after you’ve experienced the thrill of completing and launching your very first back yard built boat. Even after many boats and years of experience I still get that same elated feeling every time I launch a new boat. You will too.

Enjoy our web site. I’d like to hear from you and know what your boating interests are. We’re always working on new designs and looking for new ideas.

Paul J. Bennett

United States Marine Corps 



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