Welcome to Shoestring Shipyard!

Shoestring Shipyard was born out of a need; catering to the niche market of boat plans specifically designed for the novice, first time, home boat builder. This was back in 1997 and was a subsidiary of my full-time vessel design office on Cape Cod. We went on-line in 1998 and the business thrived, with pre-cut boat building kits, materials kits, weekend boat building classes, and other services offered in addition to plans and book sales. It’s no longer a full-time occupation for me though. Shoestring Shipyard has been relegated to a part-time, hobby business, maintained simply out of personal interest by helping first-timers experience the joy of boat building with wood materials.

I’ve since retired from my profession as a marine engineer and naval architect. After moving to Maine, I heard a higher calling and aspired to a loftier goal – to become a farmer! If you are curious about what takes place around these parts, visit Downeast Thunder Creations or my wife’s blog, Downeast Thunder Farm. You’ll find several  free plans and drawings for numerous projects that you can download in pdf format from my Downeast Thunder Creations web site. You might also enjoy viewing some of my videos on my Youtube channel.

Want free plans for building such things as work benches, shelves, storage racks, tool benches, and so forth? Check out my Youtube channel.

Of course, some of my original boat plans and books for the novice builder are still available right here. Thanks for visiting. – Paul B.

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